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A lot of people fear to discuss about the spiritual truth if it is outside of their belief. This fear may make them close their minds instead of searching for wisdom and knowledge and weighing the evidence to explore which is right and which is wrong. If God wanted to help people with his power, why hasn't God done it? What is the truth?
2001 - Truth: Is the Messiah real? JESUS called him the Comforter, but other prophets and religions called him by other names such as the Messiah. A person has told the media internationally since February 1992 that the continuing devastating disasters will stop when people verify the truth.
2001 - VERIFIABLE TRUTH: The Coming Messiah and Comforter is Here. I came across this story when I was surfing the web for Nostradamus 1999 predictions. The story is about a man from the East who moved to the USA, and in 1992 while he was doing selfless meditation he says he perceived GOD’s Two Creation Laws also gaining supreme knowledge in religions and sciences. He says he can explain the simple codes used by the religious prophets such as Buddha, Isaiah and Nostradamus (Jesus: John 12. 49-50 and Nostradamus claims their gift of prophesy comes from GOD). There are many different world religions mentioned in the stories such as Christian, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism as a reference to the coming Messiah or other related names. Each religion listed gives a profile of the coming Messiah.
New Millennium of Year 2000 and the Truth of GOD. Ancient prophecies around the world stated that the world would have true peace forever if their prophecy about God's last representative is fulfilled. Presently, many well known evangelists have claimed that the signs foretold by ancients prophets of many world religions are being fulfilled. Psalm 19.7 "The testimony of the LORD is sure".
Only true Messiah can stop the continuing devastting divine disasters which have suddenly begun in 1992. People should realize the truth of GOD which was indicated by the continuing divine disasters at this millennium. Many may say that this unusual weather was caused by the global warming or ice age to come. Please read this web page again you may see some picture of God’s truth.
Buddha's philosophy and the coming Metteya. Many Buddhist may not practice as Buddha had taught. Buddha's teaching is that they should not believe in any thing before understood what was right or wrong.. Only the true Maitreya Buddha will be able to verify the truth about Gautama Buddha and his teachings.